recycled plastic picnic table
Recycled plastic picnic table
Sustainable picnic table from 100% recycled fishing nets. We can gladly advise you!

Recycled picnic table from fishing nets

recycled plastic picnic tables
recycled plastic picnic table
This KLP® 2-bench picnic table is made from 100% recycled fishing gear in cooperation with IJmuiden Stores Holland which produces fishing nets and is also part of Lankhorst Euronete. 

The fishing industry is faced with an accelerated implementation of the so-called Extended Producers Responsibility to combat plastic waste in our oceans. Old nets are therefore returned to the coast to be recycled. 

recycled plastic picnic benches

The collected fishing nets are recycled by the Danish company Plastix into OceanIX regranulate, which Lankhorst can sub-sequently process into a picnic table.

This way waste materials get a sustainable, second life.

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