Recycled garden products

recycled plastic garden furniture

If you prefer solid and safe material that does not require maintenance you have come to the right place. We offer sustainable, environmentally friendly customised solutions made from recycled plastics. The material that you use in your garden to construct for instance platforms or fencing has a tremendous influence on atmosphere, comfort and facilities to play and relax.


Recycled plastic garden products from KLP® have the charm and usabilty of wood. KLP® can easily be sawn, drilled, planed, nailed, stapled and screwed. The plastic material does not rot; it is very strong and will last decades. After years of sun, rain and frost the construction of KLP® will still be as good as new. It can easily be cleaned and does not require painting. Not only will you be able to save money, you will also save time. And compared to wood KLP® recycled plastic is extremely safe for the material does not splinter and its anti slip properties are twice as good, even in wet weather circumstances.

KLP® recycled plastic garden products contribute to a sound environment as they are made from recycled material. They are not chemically treated in any way and will therefore not leach poisonous substances to the environment. And last but not least: KLP® can always be recycled again.

These are all reasons why professional and individual gardeners choose KLP® recycled plastic products for a variety of garden applications.

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