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Recycled plastic products
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Projects: from idea to realisation

Originally Lankhorst Recycling Products produced only recycled plastic poles and planks. However, over many years we have developed the necessary levels of knowledge and skills that mean we can when requested take on the responsibility for the whole process. For several local councils for instance we guided and executed the entire process from A to Z. So we can save you a lot of work! 

When a customer - for instance - wants to have a bridge built, certain demands concerning load bearing capacity, appearance and span have to be complied with. Based on such preconditions we then start working. Depending on the application involved we will advise on which material to be used best. We will do the calculations, provide construction drawings and subsequently manufacture the bridge. Lankhorst has also built some very strong partnerships within the construction industry and this now enables us to offer the complete package, including final on site construction.

Civil engineering projects that involve recycled plastic construction parts such as bridges and landings can be completely executed by us. We have skilled and experienced in-house project managers. We not only guarantee the material, but also the complete recycled plastic construction. Moreover we always work according to recognised standards such as NEN/Eurocode standards.

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