Research & Development


At our laboratories in the Netherlands we have generated a volume of own-, fundamental research in the behavior of plastics in high mass shapes. We have found that available literature on strength properties of plastics are based on thin parts, such as for automobiles, electronics or construction. Our in-house research complements other data sources to accurately predict product behavior under duration compression or impact.


Product development time has been shortened using developing tools such as 3D CAD and FEM analysis. All facilities for simulating real-life conditions are available for our R&D team. An example of which is our duration compression apparatus which is routinely used at temperatures between -30°C to 40°C.

Lankhorst carries out a range of tests on the unprocessed raw materials, production samples and end products to ensure a consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process. These tests are all carried out using our fully calibrated in-house laboratory and testing equipment.

The tests on raw materials and production samples include humidity checks, melt flow index measurements, tensile properties and charpy impact tests.

Additionally as required by the client Lankhorst can carry out a number of tests in house on prototype products during a project as required by the customer, including impact tests, fit up tests, friction force resistance tests, stinger roller simulations, and bending radius.