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plastic sheet piles

The plastic sheet piling system KLP® Combi Pile Planking offers you a sustainable and cost-effective solution with respect to river bank protection. It consists of PEFC certified wooden pine planks (strength class C24) with plastic covered tops. plastic sheet pile with PEFC

The advantages of the combinated sheet piles are that where water and air meet rotting will no longer take place and no maintenance is required. The result of combining plastics and wood is an extraordinarily stiff sheet piling plank. This sheet pile wall is subject to sustainability class 1 and has an expected technical lifetime of at least 50 years.

The simple design of the tongue & groove wood and plastic means they will fit together seamlessly, enabling the boards to be easily slid together. Our range also offers KLP® Fenders for a rigid construction. A total solution to your sheet piling and bank support needs. We offer you fitting instructions and advice on construction. For more information please contact us via telephone number +31 (0)515 - 487 630.

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river bank protection
River bank protection
Need river bank protection? Combi plastic sheet piling offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution!