composite beams
Plastic, composite beams
Construct larger spans with fewer poles? Plastic beams with steel reinforcement are an excellent solution!

Plastic beams

plastic beams

Plastic beams with steel reinforcement from KLP®-S are typically used for the construction of bridges and landing stages. By using steel-reinforced plastic beams it is possible to construct landing stages and bridges with much larger spans. This means that - compared to traditional construction - fewer poles are needed, leading to significant savings on the overall material and construction costs. KLP® recycled plastic has an expected technical lifetime of at least 50 years, it does not rot or splinter, it requires no maintenance and it contains no poisonous substances.plastic i beam

An innovation in steel reinforced beams is our KLP®-S I-Beam. The unique design of this beam requires less material and therefore this plastic I beam has a lower price. As the top and bottom faces of the plastic beam are rectangular in shape they can be easily connected with the rest of the structure.

The plastic beams are produced using a unique process developed and patented by Lankhorst. Four steel reinforcement bars are integrated and encased within the plastic during the moulding process. Several diameters of steel bars are possible, depending on the application. For more information please contact us via +31 (0)515 - 487 630.

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