Marine composite

marine composite

From day one Lankhorst have supplied KLP® products for various marine engineering applications. KLP® recycled plastic is very safe as the material does not splinter and its anti-slip properties are up to twice that of some timber products, especially when wet.

KLP® absolutely does not rot, not even where water and air meet. Also, each KLP® recycled plastic product is UV resistant and resistant to caustics, salt and acids. The material will last for many years, does not require maintenance and it is environmentally friendly as it does not leach any poisonous substances to the surface water.

Our range for marine engineering products consists of:


KLP® has the charm and processability of wood. KLP® can for instance easily be sawn, drilled, planed, nailed, stapled and screwed. We offer you fitting instructions and advice on fixation. For more information please contact us via telephone number +31 (0)515 - 487 630.

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