Recycled plastic cladding

plastic cladding exterior

Recycled plastic cladding panels from KLP® have been developed in cooperation with ANA Architects. The exterior plastic cladding panels are produced from recycled, polyolefin plastics. KLP® has the charm and usability of wood and the lifespan of plastics. The sustainable material will last decades, it is UV and weather resistant, it does not rot, it does not require maintenance and it can easily be cleaned. And KLP® can always be recycled again.

Due to the material's properties the exterior wall panels have a very special appearance. This is emphasised even more by using anthracite-black planks and by the surface structure of KLP®. The fibre structure of KLP® gives depth to the façade panels thus giving it a natural appearance. KLP® exterior cladding panels can for instance be applied on office buildings, houses, sheds and garden partitions. The plastic facade panels are mounted by means of an aluminium H profile which not only provides invisible fixing, but will also allow for natural expansion and contraction.

KLP® can easily be sawn, drilled, planed, nailed, stapled and screwed. We offer you fitting instructions and advice on installation. For more information please contact us via telephone number +31(0)515 - 487 630.

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Exterior plastic cladding
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